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Incredible Peruvian Food Catering from Glendale

Lola's Peruvian Restaurant in Glendale offers incredible Peruvian food catering for all of your events. We believe in offering authentic, tasty food that will be sure to impress all of your guests and have them coming back for seconds. That's because we provide the freshest and most delicious options available for Peruvian cuisine in the area. In fact, our restaurant began as home cooking in our grandmother's home for family gatherings and holidays, so providing enough for everyone to eat is right in our foundation.

Lola was our grandmother's name and the reason that our restaurant exists today. She immigrated from Peru in the 80's and began hosting every family event at her house so that she could provide the taste of our home culture we all needed. Our recipes have been adapted from her own to incorporate our new home's—California—delicious and fresh ingredients, but otherwise they stay true to the authentic cuisine Lola herself would cook up.

How to Order Catering from Lola's

Lola's knows there are many reasons you might want to order catering—which is why we have a package available for every party size. Whether you simply want to bring our tasty cuisine to your next family gathering or want to get lunch for the whole office, we're sure to have an option that will work for you. Our Peruvian food catering is perfect for all sorts of events, from birthdays to holidays and more. Your guests will delight in traditional Arroz con Pollo or California-fusion Cau Cau de Quinoa. All catering orders are available for either pickup or delivery, with a small fee for deliveries outside of our area.

Give us a call today to learn more about our packages or get started on your order right away so that you can start enjoying delicious Peruvian food as soon as possible.

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