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Glendale's Choice for Peruvian Food

Lola's Peruvian Restaurant is Glendale's choice for authentic Peruvian food because we offer the best of traditional home cooking with incredible native Californian ingredients and fusions. Lola's was founded in memory of our grandmother, who immigrated here in the 1980's and brought joy to our family with her traditional Peruvian cooking. Our restaurant aims to make her proud with delicious traditional Peruvian options served in a welcoming way. With more than 18 years of experience in the restaurant industry you can be sure that there's a reason people keep coming back for more.

All of the food that is served at Lola's will not only be tasty and heartwarming, but we also do our best to ensure that we use healthy and fresh ingredients in all of our dishes. When you order our Lomo Saltado or some Platanos Fritos, we make them immediately in our kitchen so that they are as fresh as possible for your enjoyment. Even if you're new to Peruvian cuisine, simply ask one of our servers for advice and they'll be sure to provide excellent recommendations.

Pollo a La Brasa

Lomo Saltado

What Makes Us an Authentic Peruvian Restaurant

Lola's is truly an authentic Peruvian restaurant as the majority of our recipes come from our grandmother and namesake, Lola. While Peruvian food has similarities to other South American cuisines, it actually has a myriad of unique influences. One of the main unique influences is Asian cuisine—a marker between Argentinian, Bolivian, or any other Latin country who were primarily influenced by French and Italian cuisines. Peruvian cuisine is instead influenced by Chinese and Japanese techniques, such as the use of a wok, meats and fish cut sashimi-style, and the use of Asian sauces such as hoisin. These unique flavors, in combination with our Californian ingredients, provide a delicious array of food choices that will make your palate sing.

Stop into Lola's today to give our mouthwatering Peruvian cuisine a try or give us a call to order catering for your next event.

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